College of Mass Communication

Shenzhen University is one of the earliest higher institutes to start undergraduate programs in advertising and communication.

In 1985, while the reform and opening up policy was carried out, Shenzhen University took the lead in establishing the Public Communication and two other programs: Video Directing and Public Relations.

In 1989, the National Board of Education approved of starting the advertising undergraduate program in our college. (SZU became the third one to offer Advertising Program in China)

In1990, the Mass Communication Department and the Chinese Department joined together to set up the Chinese Culture and Communication Department. In1997, Shenzhen University began to implement Institute system and restored the establishment of Communication Department. In 2002, the Advertising Department was founded.

In 2003, the Ministry of Education approved of the establishment of Communication .In the same year, SZU was approved of offering Master's degree programs in mass communication.

In 2004 , Education Bureau of Guangdong Province regarded SZU Media and Communication Research Center as the essential research base for Human Social Science in Guangdong higher education .

In 2005, our college was authorized as the examiner college for Advertising self-examination of Guangdong Province.

In 2006, College of Mass Communication was founded, with teaching and science and research institutions such as the Communication Department, Advertising Department, the Media Research Centers ,Communication and Teaching Experiments Centre. The college's mission is to cultivate professional talents in the fields of Journalism, Broadcasting and Television, Advertising Strategies, Advertising Design and Communication.

College of Mass Communication now has 39 staff , among whom 31 are full-time teachers, 3 full-time laboratory staff, and 5 administrative staff. The college has 8 professors, 9 associate professors, 12 lecturers, and 16 doctors (5 professors and doctors from Japan, the United States and Hong Kong), 6 senior teachers with abundant experience in the new media industry, 1 doctorate candidate supervisor member of Education Ministry Teaching Guidance Committee for Journalism, 14 postgraduate supervisors, and 4 Guangdong Province "Thousand-Hundred-Ten" Talents (college level). The staff average age is 38.5. The main specialty is news communication while emphasis is also paid to literature, artistic design, movies, broadcast television, sociology, economical management science, anthropology, cultural geography so on, and other disciplines.

During the 20 years' exploration, all the teachers and students of our college have been trying their best to be rennovative and actively involved in all the progress. We make all the effort to find a way that fits the development of Market Economy, innovation of modern Media Technique, and talent cultivation and meets the need of reform and opening up in Special Economic Zone .



Undergraduate Programs:
Communication Studies:
Television and Broadcasting
Advertising Strategies
Advertising Design
Graduate Programs:
Communication and Cultural Studies
Media and Social Studies
Advertising and Brand Communication Research
Visual Communication Research

At present , research projects host by College of Mass Communication include a number of porjects as National Social Science Fund projects, National Arts and Science projects , National Natural Science Fund projects, Ministry of Education level social science projects, Ministry of Education specialised projects, planning projects of Humanities and Social Sciences of Guangdong Province and Provincial-level key projects in arts . 

The content of our research projects mainly focus on Communication Theory , Media and Social Development Research , Cultural Industries , Animation Industry , Newspaper Economy , Brand and Advertising Research , Cross-cultural Communication and so on which are directly related to the key issues of China's media and social and cultural development, the knowledge and methodology of communication and China's ideological research in mass communication.

College of Mass Communication has achieved a number of influential results in Communication Theory and Cultural Studies , Media and Social Development Research , Cross-cultural Communication and Asia-Pacific Communication Research and Brand and Advertising Research.

In the field of Media and Social Development Research , we have published series of books on media environment studies. In the filed of advertising , we have presented the comprehensive research results of regional Advertising development research. We have published a paper in the internationally-renowned authoritative journal in mass communication, .

College of Mass Communication has improved its teaching conditions. It has also completed the modern media teaching and research laboratory construction in order to meet the disciplinary construction goal. It has a total laboratory area of 1165 square meters. It has professional laboratories for foundation teaching and research in visual communication, multimedia design, professional photography, television camera, audio and video post-editing, digital recording, computer-assisted telephone survey, and other specialized needs .

From 2005 to 2007, we have invested 8.2 million yuan to equipment and appliance construction. We have imported a large number of domestic and foreign professional books and journals and electronic information. We have set up a laboratory for computer-assisted telephone survey and practical use which is in a leading position in terms of both technology and utility.



Wu Yumin , Professor , Ph.D in Literature
Wu Junzhong , Professor , M. A. in Arts
Lin Xiaoguang , Professor , PhD in Sociology
Wang Xu , Professor , PhD in Communication
Li Leilei , Professor , PhD in Human Geography
Ouyang Kang , Professor , M. A. in Sociology
Ding Wei , Professor , Ph.D in Communication
Tian Shaoxu , Professor , M. A. in Fine Art
Liu Jingsong , Senior Editor , M. A. in Journalism
Wang Xiaohua , Associate Professor , Doctoral Candidate in Sociology
Li Xinli , Associate Professor , MSc in Economics
Hu Ying , Associate Professor , Senior Designer , B. A. in Fine Art
Tian Lili , Associate Professor , B. A. in Arts
Pan Xiaohui , Associate Professor , Ph.D in Communication
He Jianping , Associate Professor , Ph.D in Movie and Theater
Ma Chunhui , Associate Professor , Ph.D in Economics
Zhou Yuqiong , Associate Professor , Ph.D in Communication
Yan Ping , Associate Professor , B. A. in Fine Art
Sun Haifeng , Associate Professor , Ph.D in Literature
Li Mingwei , Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Journalism
Huang Chunping , Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Journalism
Wang Chen , Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Anthropology
Huang Yubo , Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Communication
Liu Hui , Assistant Professor Ph.D in Movie and Theater
Lv Yong , General Manager , B. A. in Arts
Yang Lili , Assistant Professor, M. A. in Photography
Chen Zhenwang , Assistant Professor, M. A. in Fine Art
Hua Wei , Assistant Professor, Mphil in Communication
Li Ming , Assistant Professor, M. A. in Fine Art
Liu Xiaoyan , Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Literature
Huang Xiaodong , Editor , MSc in Educational Technology
Wang Xiaofeng , Editor, Senior Movie Director
Zhang Yang , Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Management
Chen Lina , Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Management