College of Management

The College of Management of Shenzhen University was established in June 1997, consisting  of the Department of Management, the Department of Public Administration and the Department of Soft-scienceand now it has expaned to 5 departments. They are Dept. of Business Management, Dept. of Human Resource Management, Dept of Information and System Management, Dept of Public Administration and Dept of Marketing.


The college has 83 faculty members, among whom, 17 are professors and 42 are associate professors. Presently, the college has 190 postgraduate students, 2631 full-time undergraduates, 125 international cooperation students and over 4000 part-time students.


The college is honored with one Guangdong provincial level key disciplinePublic Administration, one branded major of GuangdongBusiness Administration, one provincial institute for humanity and social scienceThe Institute for contemporary Chinese politics and the first pilot approved by the Degree Committee of China's State Council among local institutionsthe MBA program. The goal of the college is trying to meet the needs of social development in the 21st century and efforts are being made to become one of China’s top colleges of management in both teaching and academic research.



Undergraduate Programs:
  1. Information Management and Information System
  2. E-commerce
  3. Business Adminstration
  4. Human Resource
  5. Marketing
  6. Public Adminstration 
Graduate Programs:
  1. Public Administration
  2. Business Administration
  3. Management Science and Engineering
  4. Technological Economics and Management
  5. Chinese and Foreign Political Institutions
The College is rich in its academic achievements, the faculty members have published 106 works, 517 academic papers, undertaken 6 national natural science fund projects, 5 national social science fund projects and 15 projects sponsored by Guangdong Province and relevant ministries.

Liu Jun   Professor and Vice Dean of the school   
              Master, Shandong University of Science and Technology 
              Office: 2402, E-mail: 
Yang Longfang  Professor 
                          Doctor,Peking University Of HRM 
                          Office:2405, E-mail: 
Chen Shuni  Associate professor, Office:2415, E-mail: 
Han Xiulan  Associate professor 
                   Doctor, Universität Fribourg of HRM, Organizational Behavior 
                   Office:1412, E-mail:
Su fangguo   Associate professor 
                     Doctor, NanJing University of HRM 
Wang Zhong   Associate professor 
                       Doctor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology of HRM 
                       Office:2416, E-mail:
Xiao Jun   Associate professor 
                Master, NanJing University of HRM 
                Office:1409, E-mail: 
Zeng Xihuan  Associate professor 
                      Master, Peking University of HRM 
                      Office:1412, E-mail:
Zhang Zhuanling   Associate professor 
                              Bachelor, Northwest University of HRM 
                              Office:2415, E-mail: 
Ding Xiaqi   Assistant professor 
                   Doctor, The Institute of Psychology

                   Chinese Academy of Sciences of HRM, Organizational Behavior 
                   Office:2416, E-mail:
He Faping   Assistant professor 
                   Doctor, University Osnabrück of HRM 
                   Office:1409, E-mail:
Ke Nianman  Assistant professor 
                     Doctor, Zhejiang University of HRM 
                     Office:1417, E-mail: